Microsoft Flight Simulator review

Microsoft Flight Simulator review

We’ve lift off

By Matt Hanson 17 2020 august

Our Verdict

Microsoft Flight Simulator is obviously a work of love, having a realism and focus on information which will get this a crucial purchase for trip sim fans. Making use of leading edge technology and visuals for the ultimate immersive experience, this really isn’t a game title that is likely to be for all, however, if you’re its core demographic, you’re going to like it.

  • Amazing images
  • Exceptional awareness of information
  • Great support that is peripheral


  • Problematic for novices
  • Variety of editions is confusing
  • Not absolutely all airports are manufactured equal

Time played: 20 hours

Platform: Computer

If you’re scanning this review, it is about 98% most likely for you or not that you already know whether Microsoft Flight Simulator is.


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