Sex columnist’s online dating app experiment has result that is surprising

Sex columnist’s online dating app experiment has result that is surprising

Nadia Bokody, a freelance author and Instagram influencer, discovered something extremely unanticipated whenever she propositioned 100 strangers on dating apps. Picture / Instagram

“therefore, this could seem ahead, however you seem like a guy that is open-minded. Do you want to satisfy me personally in a full hour for no-strings-attached sex?”

I have just hit “send”, and my bold message happens to be on its solution to Chris, a guy that is 32-year-old profile claims he is a tradie, seeking to meet somebody adventurous.

We highlight within the message, copy it, and deliver it to some other dozen males.

I have been swiping suitable for the final three hours, within the interest of performing only a little experiment that is social. The target is not difficult: idea one hundred guys for intercourse, and tally up their reactions. The training is distinctly more tiresome.


Tinder maxes me personally away from matches during the day so I download Bumble — another app well known for facilitating sexual hook-ups after I reach 20 guys. This time around I have imaginative and art individual thirsty messages.

“That top appears good you, Tom. However it’d look better to my floor.”

“If we told you just what outstanding human anatomy you have got, Brad, can you hold it against me?”

“good look Jason. Wanna f**k?”

It really is very nearly too effortless. All of the several years of experience of creeps in my DMs has armed me personally by having a knowledge that is encyclopaedic of pick-up lines.

Before long, my phone is buzzing and pinging such as a 20-something hipster at Splendour.

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